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We understand that every business is unique and that business risks differ.

Whether you operate a hair salon or a large accounting firm, Business insurance can seem like a complicated maze, which is why you have us.

Protect your business from life’s uncertainties. It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how much you are planning to do for your business, you have no control over crime, theft, sickness or death.

We offer a wide range of business insurance products. You’d have to look far and wide to find another company who cares as much about your business as we do!


Employers of choice recognise that people should be at the centre of their business. In this way they not only enrich and improve the lives of their staff – they ensure the ongoing success of their business.

 We’ve Got You Covered

   Do you:

• Employ 5 or more employees?

• Employ a range of staff members earning varied incomes?

• What to be able to tailor your retirement investment and risk benefits
   offering to address most of the unique needs of your diverse workforce?

• Place a priority on staff retention by means of value-adding employee


A completely pre-packaged offering that means employers don’t need to make any choices, yet still receive a comprehensive result for all your employee benefit needs. The convenient and cost effective benefits making up SuperFund Easy, includes:

• Retirement

• Death

• Disability

• Dread Disease benefits

• Funeral cover :


Convenient & cost-effective options that are pre-selected and packaged by qualified and experienced SuperFund Trustees.

Employees are able to select their retirement fund contribution levels above a specified minimum. The risk benefits are fixed, and pre-priced, so members do not need to undergo medical check-ups as no medical underwriting is required.


Retirement Investments

Employer and member contributions are placed in the Trustee Choice default investment package option, as selected by the Old Mutual Superfund Trustees.

Risk Benefits:

Employers who elect the Old Mutual SuperFund Easy solution give their employees access to a core offering of pre-packaged risk benefits

Main Member

Younger than 50 Years

Main Member

50 Years or Older

Group Life Assurance

Group life assurance cover of 1.2 times annual salary *

(Maximum R360 000) **  

Group life assurance cover of 0.8 times annual salary *

(Maximum R240 000) **  

Lump Sum Disability

Permanent disability cover of 1.2 times annual salary * (maximum R360 000)  

Permanent disability cover of 0.8 times annual salary * (maximum R240 000)  

Temporary Disability Income

Cover for temporary disability 80% of annual salary*
(maximum benefit R20 000 per month) ***  

LifeStyle Cover

Cover of R10 000 in the event of cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, or permanent loss of limbs, hearing or sight  

Family Funeral Cover

R10 000 lump sum funeral cover ** for the main member, spouse and children aged 14 years and older

R5 000 lump sum funeral cover ** for children younger than age 14 (including still born)

Maximum of one claim per spouse per year  

Terms and conditions apply

* For purposes of all risk benefit calculations, annual salary is defined as the member’s actual salary on

which contributions were based over the preceding 12 months.

** Exclusion: During the first six months of membership, only death as a result of an accident is insured.

*** Waiting period of one month applies. Maximum of five monthly payments in any 24-month period.

 What if there are tricks to the Banking trade that can teach you to…

• Have an Interest Free Credit Card in 3 easy steps AND
• Pay off your home loan in 3 – 8 years

In recent months, a lot of people have been experiencing a tightening of their financial reigns and if we listen to the experts, South Africans can expect more interest rate hikes, increased food prices and other factors that will add even more strain to what already is a heavily indebted consumer market.

• 80% of people are living pay check to pay check

• 95% of family problems are related to financial stress – this spills over into their workplaces

Are you willing to offer your employees the opportunity to change their money situations?


• Employees will each get a complimentary copy of the “What the Banks don’t tell you about your Credit Card | Sharing an insider’s secrets” ebook

• A wealth of practical tips & tools that they can apply immediately to save money.

• Opportunity to make private appointments with our financial strategists.


Our service provider of choice is Old Mutual. And here is why.


Better benefits for members. Simpler solutions for employers.

Designed by one of South Africa’s most respected, highly regarded financial services providers,

Old Mutual SuperFund has been created specifically to meet the diverse employee benefit needs of all types of employers and employees - in one holistic solution. At the same time, it offers the one thing that every employer and employee wants when designing the financial future they desire – more choice to meet their needs!


Creating an appealing employee proposition

For any business, attracting and keeping the best talent begins with an appealing employee proposition that includes a real opportunity for employees to build a solid retirement nest egg and protect their financial security through a range of benefits like retirement, death and disability cover and even a funeral plan.

Old Mutual SuperFund puts the potential for creating this type of positive future firmly within the reach of:

•  Employers – by making it possible and affordable to offer their employees exactly the right solution at the right time in their lives
    and careers.

•  Employees - by giving them access to a comprehensive set of benefits and the choice they need to create the future they deserve.

Ease of use

Whether large or small, employers can offer their employees access to traditional ‘big company’ benefits without the complexities of setting up their own standalone retirement fund or employee benefit structures.

Economies of scale

Due to the size and operational efficiencies of an umbrella fund, Old Mutual SuperFund means employers benefit from much lower direct and indirect costs


Because Old Mutual SuperFund has been built for this purpose, it offers employers and their employees all the appropriate choices that they require.


As a business owner, will you be able to afford any financial disruptions to the business if any of your key employees die or they cannot work because of an illness or injury? You might want to consider protecting your business with Keyperson Cover.


It pays out a lump sum to the business if any of your specified key employees become disabled or die, depending on the option you choose.

You have the option of buying life cover, disability cover or both.

If you are buying life cover you can start at R100 000. There is no limit to the amount of cover that you can apply for, but we will always check to see if it matches the value of the financial contributions made by your key employee to your business.

For disability cover you can buy cover from R100 000 to R6 million for your key employee’s entire life (whole-life cover) or R30 million for a specific period (term cover).



• You get immediate cover for up to 30 days before you pay your first premium. If you have a valid claim in this period the business will receive the full cover amount.

• The life cover includes our Terminal Illness Benefit which pays out your full amount of cover if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

• You can buy additional life cover within 12 months from the start of your original cover, with no medical tests or visits to the doctor. This is called the Underwriting Credit option.

• It is available to HIV positive customers.


• It offers protection against severe permanent illnesses and injuries.

• Protects the business if the person standing surety cannot do their job or any reasonable job.

• If offers protection if they cannot do normal day-to-day activities such as dressing, bathing or eating on their own.

• It is available to HIV positive customers.



This insurance pays out a lump sum when you die. This type of insurance is typically used to:

• Cover debt and estate duty costs.

• Cover funeral expenses

• Generate an income for your family from the lump sum payable



Pays out a lump sum or monthly income if you become physically or occupationally disabled. Can be used:

• To cover monthly expenses

• For temporary/full nursing care

• To make adjustments to your home or vehicle



Helps you cover the unexpected costs of retrenchment, a life-changing severe illness or injury. Typically used to:

• Replace your income for six months if retrenched

• Cover unexpected expenses after suffering severe illness or injury



Protects you against future uninsurability; the inability to pay premiums and save for emergencies. This type of insurance can be used to:

• Buy lump sum cover in the future even if your health changes.

• Continue premium payments

• Meet a savings goal

We are an authorized financial services provider FSP28910