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Main Member

Younger than 50 Years

Main Member

50 Years or Older

Group Life Assurance

Group life assurance cover of 1.2 times annual salary *

(Maximum R360 000) **  

Group life assurance cover of 0.8 times annual salary *

(Maximum R240 000) **  

Lump Sum Disability

Permanent disability cover of 1.2 times annual salary * (maximum R360 000)  

Permanent disability cover of 0.8 times annual salary * (maximum R240 000)  

Temporary Disability Income

Cover for temporary disability 80% of annual salary*
(maximum benefit R20 000 per month) ***  

LifeStyle Cover

Cover of R10 000 in the event of cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, or permanent loss of limbs, hearing or sight  

Family Funeral Cover

R10 000 lump sum funeral cover ** for the main member, spouse and children aged 14 years and older

R5 000 lump sum funeral cover ** for children younger than age 14 (including still born)

Maximum of one claim per spouse per year  

Terms and conditions apply

* For purposes of all risk benefit calculations, annual salary is defined as the member’s actual salary on

which contributions were based over the preceding 12 months.

** Exclusion: During the first six months of membership, only death as a result of an accident is insured.

*** Waiting period of one month applies. Maximum of five monthly payments in any 24-month period.


 What if there are tricks to the Banking trade that can teach you to…

• Have an Interest Free Credit Card in 3 easy steps AND
• Pay off your home loan in 3 – 8 years

In recent months, a lot of people have been experiencing a tightening of their financial reigns and if we listen to the experts, South Africans can expect more interest rate hikes, increased food prices and other factors that will add even more strain to what already is a heavily indebted consumer market.

• 80% of people are living pay check to pay check

• 95% of family problems are related to financial stress – this spills over into their workplaces

Are you willing to offer your employees the opportunity to change their money situations?


• Employees will each get a complimentary copy of the “What the Banks don’t tell you about your Credit Card | Sharing an insider’s secrets” ebook

• A wealth of practical tips & tools that they can apply immediately to save money.

• Opportunity to make private appointments with our financial strategists.


More than 40 years experience in the freight industry

With more than 40 years experience in the freight industry and having worked on both sides of the desk as client and forwarder, you will get the value add of having brokers that understand where risk begins and ends.

We understand and can give advice on insurance vs. risk. We also understand the pace of the industry and the nature of the trucking beast.

At Fabulous Finance we offer comprehensive insurance cover for commercial vehicles, light delivery vehicles, special type vehicles, including tractors, fork lift trucks, commercial trailers and semi-trailers.

Our Commercial Transport Division offers tailor-made solutions to give passenger transport operators, owner truck drivers, road freight transporters and motor fleet owners, peace of mind on the road.

We are an authorized financial services provider FSP28910


• Cover all your vehicles under a single,
   easy-to-manage policy

• Cover for different types of vehicles

• Any driver cover available

• No excesses

• Instant cover

• Swift response to claims


 We’ve Got You Covered

   Do you:

• Employ 5 or more employees?

• Employ a range of staff members earning varied incomes?

• What to be able to tailor your retirement investment and risk benefits
   offering to address most of the unique needs of your diverse workforce?

• Place a priority on staff retention by means of value-adding employee


A completely pre-packaged offering that means employers don’t need to make any choices, yet still receive a comprehensive result for all your employee benefit needs. The convenient and cost effective benefits making up SuperFund Easy, includes:

• Retirement

• Death

• Disability

• Dread Disease benefits

• Funeral cover :


Convenient & cost-effective options that are pre-selected and packaged by qualified and experienced SuperFund Trustees.

Employees are able to select their retirement fund contribution levels above a specified minimum. The risk benefits are fixed, and pre-priced, so members do not need to undergo medical check-ups as no medical underwriting is required.


Retirement Investments

Employer and member contributions are placed in the Trustee Choice default investment package option, as selected by the Old Mutual Superfund Trustees.

Risk Benefits:

Employers who elect the Old Mutual SuperFund Easy solution give their employees access to a core offering of pre-packaged risk benefits


Contractors All Risk   

Contractors All Risk insurance (sometimes called Contract Works insurance) is insurance cover for
builders and other types of tradesmen such as general building contractors, electricians, plumbers,
plasterers, tilers, carpenters, joiners, bricklayers, double glazing installers, heating and air conditioning
engineers anybody carrying out work at a contracted site.

Many potential hazards are involved in this type of work and this policy is specifically designed to
protect you and your business.

This form of insurance includes cover for contract works, your own plant, tools and equipment,
employee's tools, hired-in property and temporary buildings during construction.

The thing is no matter how careful you are, things can go wrong and as a contractor, you need to make
sure you have the right insurance in place to protect your business should the worst happen. What would
you do if your plant and equipment was stolen from site? How would you pay to rebuild an extension that
was damaged by fire? If you think it will never happen to you, think again!

Defective Workmanship

4 things to know:  

1.  Who needs Defective Workmanship Liability Insurance?

Any business that repairs, maintains or works on assets which do not belong to them, example contractors (builders, plumbers, electricians, installers etc), However, your defective workmanship liability risk will automatically be covered by a Contractors All Risks Policy.

2.  Why should you take out Defective Workmanship Liability Insurance?

Unfortunately everyone eventually makes a mistake. If your mistake when working on your clients property causes injury to your client or damage to their property, they will hold you responsible. Defective Workmanship Liability insurance costs a fraction of the price of paying large awards if your company is found negligent. Even if your company has not been negligent, the legal costs incurred in defending your company could cripple a business if not insured against. Taking defective workmanship insurance is a prudent way to ensure that your business will survive even if you do make a mistake.

3.  Typical claims incurred on Defective Workmanship Liability Insurance Policies

•  An employee not putting all parts back after servicing a vehicle causing the vehicle to crash when driven away.

• A plumber fitting an incorrect valve causing water to burst out of the valve & damage the nearby furniture.

•  An appliance repairman incorrectly repairing a washing machine, causing the machine to damage the clients clothes.

4  What other insurance should be considered along with public liability insurance?

If your business provides advice, designs or consultation services or if your work involves lots of calculations or stringent procedures, Professional Indemnity insurance should be considered. For businesses which go to their clients premises to work on items, Contractors All Risks insurance in place of Defective Workmanship cover is highly recommended.

 Leisurely strolls and laidback fun… If it were up to you, your guests would always be comfy and happy when staying at your guest house.... and nothing would ever go wrong.

Leisurely strolls and laidback fun… If it were up to you, your guests would always be comfy and happy when staying at your guest house.... and nothing would ever go wrong.

We  know that it takes more than wishful thinking to have everything run smoothly, which is why we need to ask you... are you adequately covered for the risks South African guest house owners face?

What If...?

• Your guest house burns down?

• Guests get injured?

• What if things go missing?

• Theft of your property?

• Unforseen damage?

For you...

Whether you’re a guesthouse or B&B owner, we have designed cover tailored to suit your insurance needs.


Our guesthouse solution provides cover for:

Property damage

Business interruption

Vehicles Liability

Extended liabilities   

Other sections

Note: This solution is not only limited to the above sections, additional cover can be added depending on your needs and operation. You are also able to insure your personal and business risks under a single policy.


We believe in a simple principle – that insurance should add value, not questions and uncertainty. It should provide peace of mind, not parameters and excuses. Our expertise comes from understanding what is important to you and treating your business as seriously as you do.

Don't get caught out by bad surprises. If you're unsure as to whether you have the right cover for your guest house, speak to US.