About Us

Our Legacy

Fabulous Finance was established in 2007 out of a desire to be a service provider of choice. It became apparent that most financial services providers weren’t willing to be flexible to adapt to the changing requirements of their clients nor the demands made on people and businesses by an economy that constantly changes. Our strength lies in our flexibility, our agility, our innovation and our innate desire to succeed.

Our Philosophy

We endeavor to cultivate a partnership with our clients ensuring the attainment of their unique requirements resulting from OR leading to change. Our uniquely structured approach provides an all-encompassing service to our clients promoting full resource utilisation and ultimately an increase in bottom-line. In order for us to succeed, we need to ensure we give our customers exactly what they want – outstanding service and cost-effective, company-specific solutions.

Our Vision

The vision of Fabulous Finance and its stakeholders is to create an environment of ease with money for businesses and individuals. Our commitment to our vision and values, remains our motivation for proudly promoting every aspect of our company.

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Our Values

As stakeholders in our business, we recognise and understand the value of your money. Our team of experts have a single focus, ensuring your success. We strive to provide a world-class service that is an accountable extension of your own company. We don't make assumptions about your needs. We provide what you need, when you need it. Our innovative marketing approach allows us to expand our business and create an environment of fun in the process. We observe and adapt to trends and ensure that all acts, decisions and commitments are aligned with Fabulous Finance's vision and values. We work to ensure all stakeholders, by birth or right, have equal opportunities to develop their full potential. We develop or acquire the best solutions or services designed to fulfil your specific needs ensuring you remain our focus. Our expertise ranges across multiple financial disciplines and products. We value how we can, not why we can't. We continually increase our knowledge enabling us to empower you to a different financial reality. Interacting with you allows us to continually improve the quality of our processes. Our target is to continually improve our business systems to create products and services that work.